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Domestic insulating materials research and manufacture advantage leading enterprise

      Material science and technology corporation, sichuan east Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to the science and technology, material: code: 601208) mainly for insulation materials, functional polymer materials and related chemical products r&d, manufacturing and sales, the company will soon on Shanghai stock exchange, the plans to issue 80 million shares, after issuance of total equity for 307 million strands, the funds raised by mainly used for five projects: 3500 tons of capacitors with polypropylene film technical improvement project, 4000 tons of halogen-free fr insulation material of technical improvement project, 15000 tons of special polyester film technical improvement project, 3500 tons of new type composite insulation materials soft technical improvement project, 7000 tons of new insulating layer (die) pressure composite material production line technical improvement project, project is total investment is 558.76 million yuan,insulation sleeve from the projects up to vote after delivery, the company can add revenue each year about 900 million yuan, new net profit of about 150 million yuan a year, equivalent to rebuilding the "east material science and technology".
      Profitability continued ascension
      The products cover the material science and technology JB/T2197-1996 "electrical insulation material product classification, naming and model establishment method" on seven of the eight categories of products, is the most complete varieties supporting insulation material, the manufacturer of the main products including electrician polyester film, electrician polypropylene film, electrician mica tape, electrician soft compound insulation materials, electrical layer (die) pressure products, insulation paint and resin, halogen-free fr sheet material and electrician the weaving and electrician plastic etc, the company has a research and development and production E, B, F, H, C heat insulation materials at all levels of ability level.
      Because the product quality lead, the main products of the company's market share is higher. The main products of the company electrician polyester film 2010 sales account for 17.8% of the domestic market, ranking second industry; Capacitors with polypropylene film 2010 sales account for 9.95% of the domestic market, ranked third industry; Film soft compound insulating materials 2010 sales account for 18.7% of the domestic market, ranking the first industry; Electrician mica tape in 2010 sales of the accounts for 6.8% of the domestic market, fourth in the industry.
      In recent years, the company's main business keep stable growth and profitability rising, 2008 ~ 2010 year, the company business income year-on-year growth respectively 9.21%, 3.79% and 49.22%, net profit is 063 million yuan respectively, 088 million yuan, 183 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65.23%, 27.31% and 128.26%, and earnings per share for $0.37, 0.52 yuan and 0.80 yuan. In 2010 the company actively explore new market, braided insulation sleeves   with product quality and technology advantages, further consolidate market leader; And optimize the structure of products, increase the high value-added products production and sales, and to promote the comprehensive gross profit margin.
      Technical advantage prominent continuous innovation ability
      Insulation material industry is the future direction of the GaoLiXue performance, high dielectric performance, high heat and energy saving, environmental protection, on insulating material technology demand more and more. The material science and technology the core competitiveness of the powerful technical research and development from its advantages, production products comply with the industry's future development trend, ensure that the company can avoid the fierce competition in the low end products, obtain higher than the industry profitability.
      East material science and technology since its inception, has been committed to the high performance insulating material research, development, production and sale, the company has national enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research stations and has the only country insulation materials engineering technology research center, in the innovation platform construction in the industry is second to none. At the same time, and the Chinese academy of sciences institute, sichuan university, chemical donghua university, southwest university of science and technology, domestic more than ten well-known universities and research institutes in the production, study and research joint research and development cooperation, new product development ability in domestic industry is in the lead, formed a powerful technical innovation platform and continuous innovation ability of development.
      In addition to good innovation platform outside, east material science and technology has always attached great importance to technical innovation and product research and development, through the introduction of the technology digestion, absorption, independent research and development of "super thick model electrician polyester film products" and "halogen-free flame retardant resin D125" the state economic and trade commission recognized as national new products; The company is responsible for the national 863 project "special polyester film engineering research" program by China petroleum and chemical industry association scientific and technological progress "; High performance unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets model projects got China petroleum and chemical industry association science and technology progress prize.thermal protection sleeve  As the focus of insulation material industry research and development and the production enterprise, the company is responsible for the national "863" plan, national "" science and technology support projects and sichuan province, mianyang city key research projects, etc. East material science and technology and its subordinate subsidiary made several national patents, are still valid for 14 invention patent and 1 patents of utility model, another 12 state invention patent application has been accepted. According to the China electrical equipment industry association insulation material section of the statistics, 1985 ~ 2009, the company for our country insulating materials research and production enterprise gained the national patent of invention most enterprise. East material science and technology have outstanding innovation ability, good at the industry have a significant advantage.
      A competitive product for project to promote productivity from double
      Material science and technology has from the east Japan, Germany, the United States and other developed countries introduce nine production line equipment and technology, combined with the company years of accumulation of production technology and experience of imported production lines for digestion, absorption and re-innovation, to introduce production equipment, production technology bold technical reform and process improvement, make its have the special insulation material products production process characteristic, the production of many products to fill a blank in China. From raw materials procurement, production to the whole process of technical service and strictly implemented universal international technical standards, to ensure the stable quality of product, experienced industry inside set up a good image quality.
       In recent years the east material science and technology for the three gorges project, longtan hydropower, deyang dc transmission and transformation project in baoji city-Beijing and Shanghai high iron, Shanghai subway, Singapore metro project and power transmission and transformation equipment, high speed electric locomotive industries provide a lot of quality insulation material high-end products, the market share is high, the comprehensive strength of being the best industry.
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