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Beijing f embellish to focus on insulating materials technology localization

      A small parts can make motor save tens of billions of degree electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions tens of billions of kilograms, this sounds was an incredible thing, Beijing f embellish of group companies do.
      Of the electricity consumption in China every year in fast growth. According to statistics, 2010 years of power consumption broke through 4 trillion kilowatt hour, this is about 60% of the motor of consumption. Motor efficiency increased by 1% and can save tens of billions of degree electricity, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions tens of billions of kilograms. And the use of magnetic slot wedge is to improve the efficiency of the motor is economic efficient way.
      Domestic production of magnetic groove wedges mostly in the quality and performance gap with foreign products. In this case, f embellish of concentration research strength, the development of high performance high temperature resistant conduction slot wedge, by an average of motor efficiency 1% to the same level with imported products, breaking the domestic motor completely dependent on imported magnetic groove wedges deadlock.
      China's new director of research institute of building materials JiangQuan recently noted, in our import and export trade, new material product imports than exports, and the gap is enlarging trend. This shows that although China has become a big materials,insulation sleeve but not material powers, have yet to meet domestic new materials of market demand, some high quality, high technology content, high added value of new products also mainly rely on imports.
      The new material industry as Beijing focus on the development of high and new technology one of the areas, after "the eleventh five-year plan" period of rapid development, has initially formed a comprehensive industrial system. Beijing new material industry is the main characteristics of scientific research and technology strength, industrial technology and equipment level and creative ability of science and technology has been in a leading position in the country.
      Blessing of embellish is considerable size of the insulation layer of domestic pressure products producers, always adhere to the sales, research and development, management "three legs" walk. Sales of the market, the market is the company's financial resources, research and development is to ensure that the products of the company always follow the pace of market indispensable link, and management team need to bear to plan as a whole the important role of the global, the landscapes themselves.
      F embellish of company Marketing Department manager LiuQiHuan says to the reporter, in terms of marketing, f embellish of basic is not to worry about. The reason is that the market segmentation, focused on layer insulation materials manufacturing pressure. According to information, the national production laminated insulation material enterprise, besides blessing embellish of outside, still have a Shanghai gaoqiao, jiangyan tiger ball, shandong sida, sichuan east. In contrast, sichuan Oriental insulating materials Co., LTD is in insulating materials industry scale is the biggest, but its main business in film production, in laminated sheet insulation,braided insulation sleeves    f embellish is worthy of the platoon guide.
      F embellish only by high quality products to know that shares of market, enhance the brand value, then can make the enterprise sustainable development. F embellish of sales income of 4% a year as a research and development fund, one of the Chinese academy of sciences in 2005 with chemical research institute, electrician, establishes the cooperation relations, and set up a joint laboratory. Relying on in strong technical development strength, the company in insulating materials, composites have achieved good results, and have developed and new products, through the implementation of a great deal of technical improvement project technology, received good economic benefit and social benefit.
      Blessing of embellish developed by F820 series cardboard, widely used in the electronic test fixture manufacturing industry, to break by foreign enterprise monopoly situation. But also realize the batch export. 3240 A epoxy phenolics laminated glass cloth board are recognized as national new products, and obtains the national new product prize. This product has filled the gap in China, technology has reached the international advanced level, thermal protection sleeve  and cost is only one half of foreign products, both at home and abroad with strong competitiveness, be exported to the U.S., India and China Taiwan, more than 10 countries and areas of high value-added products, made considerable economic benefit. F880 series epoxy laminated glass cloth board by the ministry of science and technology project in national torch plan projects.
      In 1999, the blessing of embellish from the time of foreign trade and economic cooperation department gives the self-management import and export power, be the first one to obtain the right of import and export of private enterprise. water-cooling cable protection sleeve The products of the company are 50% above export international market, in home in addition to be applied to the three gorges project, the "shenzhou 5, the shenzhou vi such key projects, but also by Siemens, ABB, snyder, American multinationals such as general electric listed as domestic joint venture enterprises qualified supply products, a large number of replace imported products.
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