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Insulation materials research and manufacture pioneer enterprise

      On the east ShangJiaoSuo to sichuan material science and technology group Co., LTD. (" the science and technology, material code: 601208) is a leading enterprise of domestic insulating materials, mainly for insulation materials, functional polymer materials and related chemical products r&d, manufacturing and sales. East material science and technology is the insulating material breed supporting the most complete manufacturer, the main products including electrician polyester film, electrician polypropylene film, electrician mica tape, electrician soft compound insulation materials, electrical layer (die) pressure products, halogen-free fr sheet material, etc.
      Financial data shows, the east material science and technology between 2008 and 2010 annual revenue respectively is: 710 million, 683 million and 1.002 billion yuan; Net profit respectively for 063 million, 088 million, 183 million, insulation sleeve and the weighted average net assets yield rate were 25.70%, 28.08% and 42.96%, net profit growth than income. East material science and technology will be used for the listing to raise funds investment "15000 tons of special polyester film technical improvement project" project.
      Mature sales channel guarantee customer base
      East material science and technology after years of channel construction, the mature sales network better and better. First, the company was the more established city sales outlets, and with their own brand named sales to end customers. Through the perfect sales channel and the sales service network, close to the terminal customers, to grasp the customer demand change information, increase the market development ability and rapid response capability.
      Secondly, according to the customer's state of operation and development potential, and in combination with the support ability of the company's performance and contributions to customer classification management. braided insulation sleeves   Appointed person for the big customer's sales business, the allocation of resources to tilt, to big customer turns customers wholeheartedly.
      Again, the east material science and technology leading professional implementation of regional marketing management mode. According to this company product variety, downstream industry more, professional and strong and other characteristics, so in the regional management based on promoting the specialized sales: east material science and technology downstream manufacturer mainly focus on east China, south China and overall economic development level is relatively high in the region. The current sales area, with long triangle of customers are east area sales for the company 31.35% of total sales income, the pearl river delta region in the south of the customers are sales area for the company 31.67% of total sales income, the two economic area for the company sales sales income is 63.02% of the total. Other areas are mainly country big power, power transmission and transformation equipment group as the main customers, along with the national industrial policy adjustment, the other economic regional development into the fast lane.
      Based on the above the long term plan layout to material science and technology sales network and the formation of advantage, ensure the main products have high market share. The major products electrician polyester film 2010 sales account for 17.8% of the domestic market, ranking second industry; Capacitors with polypropylene film 2010 sales account for 9.95% of the domestic market, ranked third industry; Film composite insulation material 2010 sales account for 18.7% of the domestic market, ranking the first industry; Electrician mica tape in 2010 sales of the accounts for 6.8% of the domestic market, fourth in the industry. thermal protection sleeve  According to the characteristics of insulation material industry, in order to guarantee the stability of the product quality and the safety of product application, once formed and steady business relationship, and the industry will generally not easily replace customer insulation material suppliers, thus higher market share, no doubt, laid the company outing of the advantage.
Technology innovation superiority
      East material science and technology is much attention to technical innovation, the technical center of subordinate technology development into five specialized units, involving film materials, motor insulation materials, composite materials, functional polymer materials, fine chemical materials etc. Five kind of material research and development. Technology development and service team led by doctor, master, company to get a patent number industry first, undertake the many national and provincial key projects, the development of a number of products to fill a gap in domestic. After years of accumulation, the company has formed a powerful continuous innovation ability and product development ability, in the insulation material industry with a strong competitive advantage.
      Offering for project to expand capacity
      East material science and technology to the social public to issue 80 million RMB, and shares to raise funds for investment in "3500 tons of capacitors with polypropylene film technical improvement", "3500 tons of new soft compound insulating materials technical improvement", "4000 tons halogen-free fr insulation sheet material technical improvement", "7000 tons of new insulating layer (die) pressure composite material production line technical improvement", "15000 tons of special polyester film technical improvement" project. water-cooling cable protection sleeve The above five investment project is the total amount of investment about 559 million yuan. The offering for after the completion of the project, the science and technology will improve the capacity of material 33000 tons/year, is expected to increase more than 85% capacity every year and new business income of about 900 million yuan every year, and new net profit of about 150 million yuan. For offering after the production of project, the material science and technology will open capacity bottlenecks, further improve profitability, consolidate the leading position industry company, in the next few years will step into the development of the fast lane.
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