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Hangzhou high insulating materials to be cable industry best supporting actor

      Hangzhou high insulation materials Co., LTD (hangzhou is the high plastics factory is high plastics factory by hangzhou with Hong Kong double sails investment Co., LTD. Was established in 2004, the joint venture with wire and cable material research and development, testing, test, production is an organic whole is integrated model enterprise,insulation sleeve  belonging to happy holding group Co., LTD, and has followed "high quality parity, the sincere service, the struggle cable materials industry best supporting actor" the quality policy, and it has become one of the cable industry preferred supplier.
      The company has cable materials production line article 12, the annual output of various cable materials capacity of 65000 tons, 30000 tons of PVC cable materials for low smoke, non-halogen cable materials 15000 tons, 15000 tons, XLPE cable materials other products 5000 tons (other products including: environmental protection material,braided insulation sleeves   PE sheathed materials, irradiation polyethylene crosslinking materials, silane crosslinking material, prevent termites, prevent rat special material).
      Company's technical development center has been identified as "hangzhou enterprise technology center", after approval by the zhejiang province quality technology supervision bureau, in my company testing center was established based on "zhejiang province cable materials product quality inspection center". The company examination center equipped with PVC series, XLPE series, low smoke non-halogen series cable material factory inspection and type test all the inspection and test equipment, and equipped with a simulation of the wire extrusion process test facilities, in guaranteeing the product mechanical properties and the electrical performance, thermal protection sleeve meanwhile, cable materials do after finished product appearance of verification, really do let customer satisfaction. "Test center" in the management of chief engineer, equipped with a batch of after "quality inspection work technical training" qualified full-time detection personnel, and strictly according to country, industry and related products standard on all the performance test. My company has now become zhejiang province cable material research and development, testing, test base.
      The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and "AA" level measurement management system certification, and the products the registered trademark of "double sails" was named zhejiang saves famous label. water-cooling cable protection sleeve The production of PVC cable material was named zhejiang saves famous brand products, to become a wire and cable industry's most popular "costar".
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