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Insulation material industry leaders new material prospect

      Domestic insulating materials industry leading. The main business of our company for insulation materials, functional polymer materials and related chemical products r&d, manufacturing and sales, the company is the most complete varieties supporting insulation material manufacturer.
 Insulation material fast development,insulation sleeve the broad prospect of application. With the rapid growth of the national economy and power generation, transmission and transformation, high speed railway, home appliances, new sources of energy industry rapid development, the domestic insulating materials market demand, so far in 2005 compound annual growth of more than 20%. The next few years as digital and information network construction, and further development and state in the power grid construction of electrified railway construction, energy saving, lighting, hybrid cars, and other aspects of the increasing investment and consumer electronics upgrade products, insulation materials market demand will present the trend of rapid growth of further.
      Structural oversupply, high-end products rely on imports.braided insulation sleeves    Domestic after many years development, the insulation products common material supply has exceeded demand overall, but in high-end products field, heavy reliance on imports. Insulation material belong to cross discipline, and research and development of high technology threshold.
      Synthesis technology advantage prominent, the product high market share. The main products of the company in the domestic market share ranking top and start advantage. The company synthesis technology advantage prominent, with national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral research stations and so on, for a number of national "863" plan and key research projects, host and involved in the many national and industry standards,thermal protection sleeve  the technical innovation ability advantage.
      We think, the east material science and technology of synthesis technology advantage, allows the company to avoid the fierce competition in the low end products, accord with the industry's future development trend, have the ability to continue to grow.
      For projects from mature technology, space is enormous. The offering projects up to vote after delivery, the company can add revenue each year about 900 million yuan, new net profit of about 150 million yuan a year, equivalent to rebuilding the "east material science and technology".
      Reasonable share price interval 25.5-$34.water-cooling cable protection sleeve  We expect the company 2011-2013 year EPS were 0.85 yuan, 1.11 yuan and 1.64 yuan. Give the firm in 2011, 30 to 40 times p/e ratio, the company reasonable share price interval 25.5-$34.
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