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Electrical insulation leading

      According to information, the east material science and technology is mainly engaged in the insulation materials, functional polymer materials and related chemical products r&d, manufacturing and sales, is the largest insulation materials manufacturers. As we have learned, current a-share listed companies have not, and the material science and technology products structure, business priorities completely identical and east material technology with A comprehensive insulation materials manufacturers to take the lead in its capital market status.
      The main products include electrical material science and insulation sleeve technology polyester film, electrician polypropylene film, electrician mica tape, electrician soft compound insulation materials, electrical layer (die) pressure insulation material products, mainly used in power generation equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, traction engine, motor, electrical appliances, electronics, communication, new energy (wind, solar and nuclear power) and etc. At present the company main products are the best in the same market share.
      At the same time, the east material science and technology is the national high and new technology enterprise, has the national enterprise technology center, braided insulation sleeves  postdoctoral research stations and domestic the only country insulating materials engineering technology research center. The company has engaged in national 863 project, "15" national science and technology research project, the "eleventh five-year plan" science and technology support projects and national key research projects and the provinces and cities, the trade is the national invention patent in most of the enterprise, a number of independent research thermal protection sleeve and development of products such as low extract polyester film, and do the output transformer polyester film, etc to fill a gap in domestic and foreign products to break the monopoly of the domestic market for a long time, the new technology research level and industrialization development ability in the same industry is among the best.
      Citic securities research newspaper showed, with the deepening of the research and development of technology, company product structure gradually optimized, according to downstream utility cent, 2008 electric power capacitor, enamel-insulated wire total sales were 22%, 11%, and in the 2010 years than were down to account for 17%, 5%, but is still water-cooling cable protection sleeve one of the company's main source of income; In 2008 IT products, the solar energy total sales income were 13%, 1%, and in 2010 of more than 25%, 8% respectively to rise, IT is understood, quarter company solar cells insulation materials sales have back more than 2010 years the level throughout the year. The share price moderate, industry foreground QuHao, can concern.
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