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Technology outstanding insulation leading to buy

      Product echelon is reasonable, the synthesis technology outstanding. East of the traditional insulation material science and technology belong to mature products, the company has high market share and profitability, needs a stable growth and ensure the stability of the performance of the company. Polyester film belongs to the backplane pv emerging products, nearly 2 years of explosive growth, is the company performance increasefire sleeve of the main driving force. The future reserve project such as benzene and the evil polybenzoxazines halogen-free flame retardant polyester, slice and broad prospects, is expected to become the company's rapid development of another engine. "Mature + emerging" the product structure of the company with the ability to resist risk and high growth.
      Insulation materials market stable growth. Along with the power generation, transmission and transformation, high speed railway, home appliances, new sources of energy industry rapid development, the domestic market demand insulation materials, insulation materials industry gross industrial output value 2005-2009 average composite growth of 22%.
      Photovoltaic basement membrane into the outbreak period. Over the past four years, ten times as many as the global photovoltaic installed growth. Because the Japanese earthquake effects, photovoltaic industry in the next 10 years will still maintained a rapid growth. Photovoltaic basement membrane performance requirement is high,insulation sleeve and the authentication process is complicated, domestic production of only 3 to home, supply highly concentrated. In 2008-2010, east of photovoltaic material science and technology level polyester film sales were 15 tons, 947 tons and 3900 tons, present explosive growth situation. The company raised after the production of the new project vote will be 10000 tons of photovoltaic level polyester film production, the production bottleneck will be broken, and completely up to $0.3 EPS is expected to contribute postpartum.
      Reserve project prospect. Halogen-free flame retardant is copper clad the trend of The Times. At present there phosphorous epoxy resin performance is insufficient, benzene and the evil  polybenzoxazines relies on performance, braided insulation sleeves the future is expected to in halogen-free fr copper clad resin base material of gaining popularity, the market has great potential. The company studies the halogen-free fr copolymerization pet fills domestic blank, in the weaving, industrial electric wire, carpet and all kinds of textiles and other fields also have broad application prospect.
      Valuations security, to buy rating. Maintain company 2011-2013 performance prediction, EPS were 0.85 yuan, 1.11 yuan and 1.64 yuan. The company has reasonable product echelon, obvious synthesis technology advantage, pv polyester base film,thermal protection sleeve halogen-free fr resin product slice wide prospect of market. Benzene and the evil polybenzoxazines and so on the new product once the promotion, the company performance have larger space ascension. The current share price corresponding PE22.4 times in 2011, 2012 and 17.1 times, PB2.83 times, share price with higher safety margin, first give the firm a buy rating.
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