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ShaZiKou "SanYe and promote economic development

      "Enterprise, tea industry, tourism, and has become a leading ShaZiKou economic development 'three carriages'." 19 morning, ShaZiKou street DangGongWei secretary SuBenJiang when accepting a reporter to interview, in a word, the streets of the economic development of the "secret". A good enterprise innovation "controllers" tea, "the wizard member" of the operation, the "waiter" mountain tourism and key project "tracking member" promote street economic development.
Enterprise innovation "controllers"
      In recent years, Qingdao LiQun group, east China wine fire sleeve  company ShaZiKou settled down one after another, ShaZiKou private enterprise group for new vitality into. The street DangGongWei have held enterprise development forum, the analysis of the current economic situation, a decision from science and technology innovation breakthrough, by "instructor" into "an usher" transformation of government functions, from policy guiding and supporting the enterprise go science and technology innovation. According to information, research on the streets, the backbone of support key incentives for enterprise development. Among them, the han cable group takes the lead in response, not only established the science and technology, research and development center, dial out special fund construction han cable research building, has introduced ultrahigh-pressure cable superconducting insulation project, jurisdiction there were 11 technical improvement project is listed as Qingdao 2011 enterprise technology innovation key projects, research and development expenses investment of RMB 46.06 million yuan.
      At the same time, ShaZiKou street support and develop new strength, make Qingdao China build ka, green edge of science and technology, and a group of new swan knitting etc enterprise development. Now the enterprise center project swan knitting was listed in the municipal development scheme, green edge technology to invest 600 million yuan to build green feng sci-tech industrial park project also signed a letter of intent investment, registered 100 million yuan of Qingdao China build ka investment company also completed the registration.
      Several business "guide member"
      ShaZiKou street catch tea industry, not to the next instruction tea, but to do "guide" tea. Organization technical training for tea, use of various channels expand brand publicity and active support WanLiJiang tea plantation, crossed the north such as tea tea processing factory production base of expanding the scale, improve the quality of tea. Guide new and old tea insulation sleeve garden unified fertilization, unified all medication, unified management. And ask the relevant government department strict quality supervision and inspection, to ensure the good from the source tea quality. At the same time ShaZiKou tea and laoshan tourism combined, continuously improve laoshan tea culture connotation, in order to realize the laoshan mountain tea economic efficiency and social efficiency.
      At present, ShaZiKou street has municipal standard tea production demonstration base 2 home, district-level demonstration base of tea production 6 home, coalition of tea tea farmer professional cooperatives. Laoshan tea plantation area of already of more than 2200 acres, farmers more than 600 households, the annual output of dry tea 90 tons, annual value of more than 2000 yuan.
"Waiter" mountain tourism
      In recent years, ShaZiKou street DangGongWei earnestly analyze regional advantages, determined to travel this article fro enough big, make it become the new economic growth point. The street has spent a lot of money, the key to build and perfect the bird garden, the nine ditch ecological sightseeing park, all peace NongYeYuan and north ginger ecological ecological economic park of tourist attractions, and encourage the east China 's wild strawberry wine company also strengthen tourism project construction, support WanLiJiang tea plantation expanding tourism development, make the tourist attractions "blossom everywhere". 10 were stronger,braided insulation sleeves the influence of the tourism enterprise to larger fro the leisure activities, and according to ShaZiKou "bayu fish" in place characteristic, launched the lineage of the family filial piety "bayu the dedication of the fish," held the "ShaZiKou bayu fish food festival" etc, the successful set up a communication bridge the urban and rural tourism economy.
      On this basis, as a whole ShaZiKou resources and regional advantages, introduce the star hotel, lead and organize farmers development family hotel projects, create yandang mountain people "service brand, and vigorously developing the family hotel star evaluation activity, according to the different star design reward standard, the maximum mobilization and encourage farmers to participate in tourism, profit from tourism. At present, ShaZiKou street yandang mountain people "family hotel, has reached more than 120 households, more than 1300 beds, already have received more than 3000 visitors, the tourism reception capacity.
      Key projects "tracking member"
      The first 10 months of this year, ShaZiKou street thermal protection sleeve complete tax revenue of RMB 595.37 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 15%; Fiscal income is 245.09 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of speed 13. 7%;Industrial enterprises above designated size annual sales income is expected to more than 60 one hundred million yuan, profit of 400 million yuan, gross industrial output value 6.2 billion yuan.
      "ShaZiKou street economic development to get these achievements, thanks to implement the scientific concept of development, the firm to implement the sustainable development of green development strategy, and to enterprise, tea industry, tourism and the relevant key projects on the tracking, carry out." The street DangGongWei SuShuJi said, at present ShaZiKou street enterprise, tea, tourism is the further development, and at the same time, there are some key projects in ShaZiKou district, and streets will continue to be a good of the key projects "tracking member", to promote with in Qingdao (China) multiplex trading centre, and group, physical agriculture, abalone island tourism comprehensive development, green feng sci-tech industrial park of key projects, such as the implementation and for the 2012 get more fruitful.
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