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China's new underclass is white-collar!

Good WaGong income 150000, no work can take allowance-an outfit company into the battle for decoration work way out will
In many people's eyes,, migrant workers is "poverty" pronoun, however a few days ago, the reporter in the interview to realize, decorate worker income is low, especially some technical type of work, monthly income, even more than white-collar workers. Decorate in the cheapest of the workers of the jobs to play, a base salary of 120 yuan/day. Domestic outfit company invites mud of watts, offer 200 yuan every day; Drilling income more than 10000 teachers. Face to face adornment group brand director jing wang and the reporter said, a WaGong in domestic outfit company should be able to earn a year to 100000, after some SiHuo words, a year income should be in 150000 or so.
But that is the way the offer, the good WaGong teacher often please less than, domestic outfit company in addition to the money also started playing emotional brand. Face to face adornment company specially built a master home, is actually silicone fiberglass sleeving will be good in a domestic outfit workers collect list, organize some activities, exchange technology also contact feelings. For technology innovation of the workers, then give special talent allowance, usually, doesn't work can get allowances, enjoy "special talent treatment". In order to involve good decoration workers, domestic outfit company is way out will.
Domestic outfit company to send special talents in good workers allowances
Decorate worker pay for the reality of the super white collar, as a domestic outfit company top jing wang was regarded as the inevitable. "Decorate workers take higher wages, not only because it is in the physical labor of high strength, at the same time, need certain professional technology. Especially a family to decorate, is a great event. A family life, and several times? Decorating decorate at a time to live a 8 years, ten or more years. Quality if doesn't pass, such as pipeline leak, but couldn't find leaking parts; telephone signal downs; circuit often when decorating a trip... the negligence of the little details, will cause tremendous after be being convenient, but also can cause huge economic losses. Such as leaky plumbing, will open the already laid ceramic tile ground, or is this floor. So, decoration workers destroy the technology is critical. As a domestic outfit company, we upload elaborate, building materials in the design on the high price, but one thousand to decorate this pass the workers didn't, in the actual operation process engineering quality can't pass the, that can't responsible to consumer, also can't do big company brand and reputation. So, domestic outfit company for excellent decoration work, become a kind of inevitable trend.
Jing wang never denied an outfit company give excellent decoration workers high, "a number WaGong day 200 yuan a year, from domestic outfit company with 100000 yuan. This does not include the pick SiHuo gray income, plus this part of the income, a yearly income of 150000 or so is a problem. But high pay, still not enough to attract these skills in hand firmly eat all over the world of outstanding home outfit work. The work of the home outfit, also like to pick up a liquidity SiHuo. Therefore, there are 17 branches in the country of adornment group top and want to face to face, in the whole nation to integrate outstanding list of workers," master home ", "this is our human resource advantage ah. Focus on the national excellent decoration workers, form our technical training base. Even if no work, also give them to extend by the month special talent allowance, often organized activities, make technology research and development, also communicate emotion. Firmly put these excellent decoration workers consolidate in our company. ", jing wang said.
Excellent research and development work "wall treasure" of 18 new technology
So for instance, let workers do not work also take money, domestic outfit company virtually increased costs, whether it is worth? WangJingXiao: "value!" Not just because of good workers guarantees the construction quality and our company reputation, more because a line teacher work, a concentrated exploration technology upgrades, "the first teacher acrylic resin fiberglass sleeve know best decorate craft, they through technology research and development, have to face to face in a technology company had 14 on the basis of a new launch of 18 construction process. These new technology, not increase decorates cost, but through the standard construction and materials, through the process, to ensure the quality of decorate upgrade to the most rigorous test the technology, not just good. Make confined to a few good teacher, but into the promotion, to standardize the implementation of technology."
Jing wang, for example, such as brush emulsioni paint, normal construction must brush 3 times, but some home outfit will quietly master jerry, how to do? "Master home" the teacher of creating a modified be bored with child, this kind of be bored with child is yellow, after modification bonding degree is high, the antibacterial mouldproof, resistance is strong, damp in water off powder, no inflation. In addition, because it is yellow, and so must brush emulsioni paint of 3 times, will cover yellow, simplify construction procedure, to ensure the construction may not be late emulsioni paint "DuanJinShaoLiang". This has been named face to face of the special "wall treasure".
In addition, excellent decoration workers also summarized, in the kitchen, bathroom down-flow pipe for the top surface of changes in the weather and produce the phenomenon of condensed water, can use the condensed water and sound insulation polyurthane resin coated fiberglass sleeve insulation material package avoid. To metope besmear emulsioni paint, before full grid cloth stick in metope, emulsioni paint is brushed again, this will prevent moisture craze for a rainy day. Installation strength when power lines, regulating the interval, the screen technology, avoid strong weak electric circuit and the interference between road, and prevent thrum damp, has replaced tape, make video and audio effects better... "Good work more on domestic outfit is high and new technology for" jing wang said.
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