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Cobain teach you identify not qualified products-small socket for living in safety

Power supply socket, is normally use the TV, the computer, the refrigerator, air conditioner and household appliances will not depart from all equipment. If the use is not qualified electrical outlet, there are inevitably will harm the personal safety of hidden trouble. Cobain teach you how to identify unqualified products:
1 and mechanical strength. The electrical outlet of high quality through 1000 times in the roller drop test, electrical outlet of normal use and can still self-extinguishment silicone resin coated  do not endanger personal safety. This suggests, you: when unqualified socket fall, there will be serious deformation or shell crushing damage.
2, heat resistance. The heat insulation materials in the socket is the safety performance of the important performance index, the national standards, the plastic products shall be of heat-resistant deformation ability, in certain temperature range should not be softening. Cobain warn you: and not qualified in 100 �?heat fixed socket after test, electrical outlet serious deformation and can't be used normally.
3, the plug in the socket size. The dimensional check silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeve mainly is the assessment of whether the plug in the socket type size according to China's flat look the plug in the socket system design and production, is related to the plug in the socket whether can normal use and safe use of problems. Cobain remind you: unqualified product appearance length size below standard requirements of the lower limit, plug may appear not normal to insert the plug's condition.
Socket is small, but for home safety, cobain clew consumer is when the choose and buy, be sure to be cautious, in case not qualified products.
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