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    The predecessor of this company is Anji Hengtai Insulating Material Co, Ltd, established in June 1993 and mainly getting involved in the production of insulation sleeving. After nearly a decade of great efforts, in 2004 the company cooperated with Italy Oscarvy Company to lish ANji Hongtai Insulation Material Co, Ltd, specialized in producing all kinds of electric insulation material such as silicon fiberglass sleeving. The company is located in the Sunshine Industrial Park of the largest bamboo hometown. we have 3 lines coating machine and 1200 sets brading machine.

  fire sleeve:fire sleeve is applicable to withstand tension and compression forces of various types of two-way reinforced concrete structures, structural steel connections in the construction. Can save materials, energy, and without restricting the types of steel components. To full connection. 4, can advance to the system, the factory work, do not take up duration, all-weather construction. Easy to operate, fast, works fast, can greatly shorten the duration.

insulation sleeve

:insulation sleeve is that the insulated with pure porcelain or resin, often made of wall bushing for 35 kV and below voltage level. The insulation is tubular, central card or plastic installed in a perforated flange fixed to the wall.
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